Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aquaknot Pools, Inc.: Were You One of the Pool Owners Cursing This Sprin...

Aquaknot Pools, Inc.: Were You One of the Pool Owners Cursing This Sprin...: We all jumped for joy over the dry, almost snow free winter, we had here in the Northeast last winter; however, if you are a pool owner,...

Were You One of the Pool Owners Cursing This Spring?

We all jumped for joy over the dry, almost snow free winter, we had here in the Northeast last winter; however, if you are a pool owner, then you learned that it is not always good to have such a mild winter.  

Mild temps, little snow, and little rain meant swimming pools that could pass for a swamp.  Our beloved customers came into the store in droves threatening to fill in the pool if they had to clean the filter one more time.   Gallons and bags of shock passed through our doors at record speeds.  We sympathized with all of you during this time and we hated to give you the answer you didn't want to hear which is that you just had to let it filter, keep shocking and adding chlorine, and keep clearing the filter.  

Then, you finally got it perfect, right?  It was beautiful without a spec of algae in sight when mother nature struck again with one of the hottest summers on record.  Again, the battle ensued of shocking, brushing, and backwashing.  Let's face it, being a pool owner this summer was hard work.  Well, unless you used our weekly pool service and let us do the dirty work.

So, here we are now.  You are at the end of your season.  Whether you handle the closing the pool
on your own or you use a company, there are things you can and should be doing to maybe avoid what you went through last spring.  Here are the top ways to make spring 2017 a happy start to your pool season:


We are already booking openings for many of our customers for 2017.  It can take one to three weeks easily to clear your pool up following the opening.  Those customers that open early are often up and running faster.  The openings book up fast and so those that have already booked know they are getting opened early and will be swimming sooner.

Don't want to spend the extra money opening sooner?  Think of it this way, if you open later, then your pool equipment has to run longer and harder to keep up with the amount of algae growth that occurs as the result of a later opening.  All of this equals more chemicals, higher electric bills, and more man hours.  The difference between an April opening and a May opening can be drastic. Consider that most winter shocks and algae inhibitors last about 90 days, prolonging your opening another month means dirtier, greener water.  Of course if you do want to wait til May, there are things you can still do to "save yourself" and we will talk about those things soon, if you have the ability to open early, we say call us now!


We all know that it can be very appealing to hit the local discount store to buy chemicals for your pool but for off season pool care, now is not the time to tighten the wallet.  Winter chemicals are put into your pool at or about the time that the water stops circulating.  That means the chemicals will remain mostly stagnant in the water from about October through April (because you are going to take my advice).  There are so many reasons why it is important to buy quality products for wintertime, just like during the season.  Let's start with the fact you paid a lot of money for this pool and you don't want to have to resurface it or replace a vinyl liner due to poor water quality.  

But wait, there are more reasons.  Many of the discount brands are diluted, have less active ingredients, or can even be expired.  This means they are likely not going to do their job and if you are a true New Englander, you know our new motto is "DO YOUR JOB" so why buy a product that is not likely to work to its true potential.  You need a product that is going to last the maximum amount of time or it is not worth buying so while you may have to pull out a few more dollars, we promise it will be worth it in the long run.  


It is never advisable to close your pool without a good vacuum.  The best openings start with a clean closing.  Leaves and debris left at the bottom of the pool can cause staining over the winter.  While there are products that can lighten and erase those stains, the purpose of this article is to help you save time and avoid common problems, so heed our warnings, get the vacuum out and give the pool one last cleaning before the cover goes on.  


So, you know that you don't want the pool opened early or perhaps we get another warm winter.  Schedule a reminder for yourself to pull back the cover and add another bottle of algaecide and a gallon of liquid chlorine to your pool about a month before you are scheduled to open.  This will cover that final month when the winter chemicals have stopped working and it will get you ready for opening.  If you have a solid cover, this is also a great time to pump the water off the cover and clear the leaves that have accumulated.  

While we cannot guarantee that all of this will mean you will be opening up to a crystal clear pool, we can tell you that it will sure give you a great start to next season.  Remember, to call early for your opening as we start to book up in early March.  

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Why it is Best to Leave Closing Your Pool to the Professionals

Whether you are a long time pool owner or fairly new to the process, one of the most important parts of your pool care is the care in properly winterizing your pool.  In Massachusetts especially, the harsh winters can cause serious damage to your pool, if not properly winterized.  Two years ago, in one of the harshest winters on record, I had our town water company at the home explaining to me that the underground pipes leading to my home were frozen solid and that even though I run my water throughout the day, when temps get as low as they currently were, there is not much you can do.  At that comment, I couldn't help but thinking of all those swimming pools out there.  Maybe if you are a pool owner, you thought about this a lot during that winter as well.  Well, when you weren't out searching for your shovel under six feet of snow.  So... reasons why it is best to leave pool closings for the professionals:

1.  Protecting those pipes

Winterizing a pool involves blowing any water out of the pipes filling the pipes with antifreeze and plugging them up after.  If not done properly, those pipes can freeze and crack and those cracks can be costly to repair.  Just consider the cost of a cracked pipe under your pool deck.  Not only will you have to pay to repair the pipe, but you will likely need to rip up a portion of your deck to get to it.  Aquaknot closes over 600 pools each year.  Our team is skilled in winterizing swimming pool lines and many of our team members have been doing it for over a decade.  It is in their blood, so to say.  While you or your spouse may be handy around the house, why not leave this job to the professionals. 

2.  Warranties!!!

A reputable  pool company (and I stress the reputable part) will warranty their closing.  That means if a pipe bursts because it wasn't properly winterized, the company will take responsibility for the repair. This is important to ask before hiring a person/company to close your pool.  There are a lot of people out there that will claim to have the knowledge to properly close your pool, but if something happens, are those same people going to stand by his/her work?  As mentioned above, an error in winterizing can be expensive, time consuming, and delay the start of your swimming pool season the following year.  Not only does hiring a professional take the stress and time off your hands in closing the pool, but it will give you peace of mind that if something does go wrong (not that anything should so long as you hire the right person),  you are covered.  

3.  It's the total package

I cannot vouch for other companies but when you hire us to 
complete a full (meaning we also put the cover on) closing, then you hire us to do it all.  Our closing includes removing baskets, breakdown and cleaning the filter, blow out your lines and winterize with antifreeze, secure your cover and put everything away for the winter.  Our regular customers also enjoy the knowledge that if there is an issue that will need to be resolved before or at the time of their opening, we will be ready to move forward with little disruption to our customer's pool opening.  

4.  Why do the work when you can pay someone to do it for you

There are better ways to spend your weekends in the fall months.  Why spend a morning winterizing and closing your pool when you can enjoy going to your child's soccer game, leaf peaking, or apple picking?  Let someone else close up shop for the winter and go enjoy yourself!