Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trust the Professionals


It is a running joke around here that if someone has a question, I will be the first to jump on google to get the answer.  This works when trying to find out if Brad Pitt is really reconciling with Angelina, or for how long to cook a 5 pound roast; however, when looking into building a custom gunite pool, internet research should only be your starting point.  

If I googled right now, "are chlorine pools better than salt," I would get a million and one answers.  I use this as an example because this is a very often asked question.  The irony of this example is that with a million and one answers online to this question, the answer from a professional is that salt water pools are chlorine pools.  The salt generates chlorine.  Why am I telling you this?  To prove my point.  You cannot just rely on what the internet tells you, but you already probably know that.

When we go out to your home and discuss a pool installation, we are always happy to hear that people have done some legwork, researched things they may want, and have an idea of what their goal is.  The problem is, that sometimes what you want and what will work are two very different things.  This is why you call in a professional.  Oftentimes, people want various extras or amenities when building a swimming pool but, as is the case with most electronics, the products have to be compatible.  Our salesperson has vast knowledge on the products on the market today.  She knows what works and how well it works.  As a family-owned business that has been installing custom gunite pools for thirty years, we have seen it all and we make a conscious effort to remain at the forefront of trends but to also know what is worth the cost and what is not.  Our business is built on trust and we are honest with our customers.  Other companies may push a high end product simply because it is popular and creates income.  We prefer that customers choose their products based on their wants of course, but also based on what will work properly with their overall project.   A lot of times we will come to a meeting and hear about the promises from another company about a "great product" or something that a potential customer's friend has or something someone found on the internet.  We believe it is our job to provide truthful information and to steer customers toward products that work and are compatible with what their overall desire is.  

So, please, continue to do your research, talk to friends, and present these ideas when meeting with our sales and design person but know that we will do our best to give you the pros and cons of these ideas as we feel it is our job to ensure not only that you receive the pool/spa that you so desire but one that will provide joy not extra money or headaches.  

Considering a project in the future, we continue to meet the needs of our current customers and future customers by maintaining operations all winter.  Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss a future product!