Thursday, June 16, 2016


Whether you are a new pool owner or a seasoned one, I bet a least once, you have had someone tell you that pool "chlorine is chlorine" and suggest you hit the local discount superstore.  Maybe you have been the one to say it to someone else.  Perhaps your pool is a simple above ground and so to you, it is not a big deal to purchase your chemicals on discount at a superstore, but what if your pool is a gunite, inground vinyl liner, or a fiberglass pool?  Any of those three are a real investment and one that you want to protect; so, to answer the question, is there a difference between those pool products purchased in a discount store and those purchased at a specialty pool company?  The answer is emphatically yes and here is why.  

1.  Shelf Life

You may see your high end pool products at one of those discount stores from time to time, but have you ever stopped to look at the age?  Most likely those chemicals have been sitting for many years in some warehouse before reaching the shelves.  Like many products, pool products also have a shelf life; therefore, while you may be saving some money, you will likely not receive the same level of quality and may ended up having balancing problems as a result.  In addition to balancing problems, more important is that issues such as rashes and red eyes are the result of imbalanced pool water which can also make using expired pool products a health issue for your family and friends.  

2.  Additives 

There is a lot out there about additives in food, but additives in your swimming pool products can also be problematic.  Often discount store swimming pool products will contain additives that may throw off the balance of other chemicals in your pool.  So, for example, you may be purchasing a product to balance your PH, but there could be an additive that effects your alkalinity or chlorine levels, leaving you constantly trying to balance your water.  A word of caution, oftentimes those additives are not included in the ingredient list for your pool products.      

3.  Active Ingredients

So the algae inhibitor ingredients are the same so what is the big deal? Well, is it?  Always good to check the percentage of active ingredient in any product for your swimming pool.  Maybe the bottle is cheaper, but do you need to add twice as much to get the same result?  

4.  It's a texture thing

I was talking with one of our servicemen recently about the difference in quality pool products verses the discount store and he explained that one of the biggest issues he finds with the discount pool products is the texture.  Discount pool products, have a very different consistency and while that may not seem like a big issue, such differences can cause havoc on your filter system.  He explained how the products do not break down well and can get stuck in the filtrating system, ultimately diminishing the lifespan of your equipment.  

Aquaknot Pools has been an authorized dealer of Bioguard products for almost three decades. Bioguard stands out among its competitors for its commitment to providing the highest quality products. All products are tested to ensure quality and performance and Bioguard dealers are highly trained in swimming pool chemistry.  Bioguard dealers offer free, start of the art water testing to all customers which provides our customers with accurate water chemistry analysis to ensure your pool remains properly balanced throughout the season.  Come in today to get your free water analysis and balancing chemicals.

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