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This summer has been hot, so very hot.  You may have been one of the people fighting the crowds for good sand space at one of the Massachusetts' beaches.  Maybe you are a beach person and were fine spending half a morning packing, paying to park, then trying to find some sand of your own and hoping that you will be able to get some good water time in before the high tide.  But maybe you had no choice so you fight the good battle.

Alternatively, perhaps you are like me, a pool girl at heart.  If so, maybe you are paying for a health club membership with pool privileges, or hoping that the neighbor will let you and the family take a dip. Now, after weeks and weeks of high humidity and blazing heat, you have decided that this is the last year without a pool.  The decision being made... when do you start the process?

So often, people think the right choice is to start fresh in the spring with constructing a pool.  The truth is... now is the time to act.

Why?  Well, for a few different reasons actually.

First, pool company schedules are a little more flexible in the fall.  In the spring, pool companies are inundated with construction, openings, and generally getting pools up and running for established customers.  If your pool company is not busy in the spring, you may want to question why that is.  Crews are limited as much resources are going into the service side of a company.  

Come September, many people are starting to close their pools which means less service which frees up crews for construction.  For those that are remaining open, the slightly cooler weather brings with it less difficulties with operation such as fewer water treatment issues and fewer filter cleaning service calls.  Again, all of this means less backlog for new construction.  

Secondly, and even more of an issue for spring construction is the New England weather.  Last year, we battled with having snow on the ground in May, while this year brought cold and rain well into the swimming pool season.  It is as the old saying goes, don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.  Unpredictable weather in New England, particularly in spring, makes swimming pool construction schedules somewhat of an Olympic event.  

While this doesn't mean a spring pool is not doable, it does make the timeline much more open to delays, so if you are looking to swim by a date certain, then you absolutely should consider starting the process in the fall.

It is now August and you're thinking that you are going to spend the next eight weeks writing checks and watching construction and then you will have to wait months before you are able to enjoy your pool.  Well, that is possible, but it is also possible with a warm fall and the help of a pool heater that you may at least be able to enjoy a few weeks of fun before the cold weather shows up.  Even if you aren't able to enjoy the pool this year, finishing the project before the winter months roll in still means that you will be able to opened and swimming as soon as the spring air comes to Massachusetts.  Wouldn't that be better than losing out on a whole two months of swimming time?

With fast turnaround for estimates, we can be breaking ground in your backyard before you know it. Call today to set up your free in home estimate.

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