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Going on vacation is oftentimes exciting and stressful at the same time.  Preparations need to be made to prepare for your voyage. While you make your packing lists, you are also probably making your to do list for the house such as putting mail and paper delivery services on hold, maybe scheduling pet care, and for someone to keep an eye on your home.  If you are a pool owner, you should also be making preparation to ensure that you do not come home to a scene from swamp thing.  Our service manager, Patrick O'Connor, talked with me today about what steps you can take to keep your pool running and beautiful even if you aren't there.

1.  Keep the pool filtering

Many of our pools today have iAqualink systems.  This system allows a pool owner to run their pool from their home or even their smartphone.  This is a great system for people that are going to be out of town as it allows for simple programming.  If you do not have an iAqualink then be sure that you have timer pins to allow for ongoing circulation of the pool.  Patrick suggests running the system for at least 12 hours per day while you are away.

2.  Chlorinate Chlorinate Chlorinate!!! 

Chlorinating your pool is so important to keep the algae away during your trip.  If you have an automatic chlorination system, be sure that it is filled with chlorine sticks.  If you don't be sure to add new sticks before you leave.  

In addition to being sure you have chlorine, it is best to shock your pool the evening before you leave.  Superchlorinating the pool will bring your levels high for a day or so and will kill any algae that may already be growing.  

3.  Algae Preventative

An "initial dosage" treatment with Algae All 60, algae preventative, is a great way to prevent an algae breakout while you are away.  

4.  Ask for help

Do you have a friend or a neighbor nearby that could look in on your pool?  If you have a trusted neighbor or a nearby friend, it is always a good idea to have someone that can pop over and make sure the skimmer baskets are empty from debris, there is chlorine in the baskets and the pool is running properly. If you have a company that knows your pool, be sure to give your neighbor/friend their number in case of an emergency.

5.  Don't forget to lock the gate!

Any empty house is often a worry to vacationers.  You take steps to make the home look "alive" whether it be movement activated lights, timed lights or perhaps you left a car in the driveway.  It is very important to be sure that your pool gate is also locked.  Remember to give the code or key to the neighbor or friend who will be looking in on the property.

6.  Going to be gone for an extended period of time?  Consider a service

Aquaknot Pools offers a vacation chemical check service where we will come to your pool, check and treat the water chemistry, as needed, as well  make sure everything is still running fine.  Such a service can be extremely valuable to a family that may be taking an extended vacation this summer as it will be less costly than having to spend considerable money on balancing products and shock if the pool is not treated while you are away.  

Thanks Patrick for the great tips.  Need our vacation service?  Call us today to learn more!

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