Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pools Are and Should Be Relaxing


So many times I am in the retail store and hear a customer come in and say that they "just want to fill it in." The frustration that they are feeling is troublesome to me and somewhat disheartening.  A pool should be fun and relaxing and not a hex that makes your summer miserable.  Is some of the frustration self-inflicted?  Perhaps.  With some smart investments, you can save your something in your life that is truly invaluable...time.  

SO, you open the pool, or maybe you have a pool service who opens the pool for you.  Great, now you have a green swamp, a filter running overtime, and the prospect that for the next three weeks your free time will be spent brushing, skimming, backwashing, and vacuuming.  Note this is when I hear many customers state that they will be filling in the pool.  My first thought is to say, "this too shall pass" and then duck as I am sure someone somewhere will likely throw something at me.  Like so many things in life, a swimming pool can be time consuming and feel like too much work to be worth, but it does not have to be.  There are many things a pool owner can do to make life easier and being here in Massachusetts, with a limited season, why not make some investments that put the fun back into pool life.  

1.  Preventative Steps - before you even take the cover off

First, remember that often it helps to take some proactive measures before taking off the cover.  If you can, pull back the cover before the pool is officially opened and throw in some liquid chlorine and algaecide. It must be liquid because the granular won't dissolve without the pool water filtrating.   Getting a head start can make a world of difference.  

2.  Equipment matters

Be sure to keep up with your equipment.  Are your filter cartridges old but you have been holding off on replacing them?  What about your pump?  The ability to clean up your pool in a reasonable amount of time greatly hinges on the efficiency of your equipment.  The money you aren't spending on making sure your equipment is working properly is likely being spent in extra chemicals, electricity, and time.  

If your equipment is on the older side, you may want to talk with your pool company about upgrades. Filtration systems today are easier than ever to run and maintain.  Gone are the days of spending an entire afternoon cleaning your filter.  They are now made much easier to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.  Additionally, new equipment will run more efficiently saving you not only time but money in energy costs.

3.  You put WHAT in your pool?

Repeat after me...What you put in the pool matters... A LOT.  Think you scored a great deal on chlorine and algaecide at that discount store?  Think again.  The active ingredients are often more than a third of what is in quality pool products.  There is also often fillers that may throw off the balance of other levels in a pool.  So if you want to use the cheap stuff, which we don't advise, at least save it for when the pool is up and running.

4.  Doesn't matter whether it is in your home or in your pool, no one wants to vacuum

Today's swimming pool autocleaners are like no others.  Pool robots are the way to go whether you have a gunite, vinyl liner, or even an above-ground pool.  Investing in a bot to clean your pool will save you valuable time which you can use to sit and enjoy your backyard.  Prices ranges vary for bots depending on the bells and whistles and the horse power.  It is best to do your research so that you get the right bot for your pool.     

5.  Sometimes it is just worth having someone else do the dirty work.

If you are in New England, it is a short season, so why not treat yourself right and pay someone else to maintain the pool.  Whether it is a weekly cleaning service or just a limited service, it is a small cost to pay for your peace of mind. 

Make sure when you look into a weekly service company you find out what is included and what is not included.  At Aquaknot, for an hourly charge, your pool is vacuumed, brushed down, water surfaced is skimmed and your baskets are cleaned from debris.  Additionally, we will make sure that you have chlorine in your baskets and your water is tested and balanced (chemicals are an extra charge).  

Perhaps you are just in need of some early in the season assistance.  While we do not provide short-term weekly service, we do provide filter cleaning services.  It is a good idea to pre-schedule your filter cleanings at the time you schedule your open.  Consider scheduling a weekly filter clean for the first few weeks after your pool is opened.  It can make an amazing difference in how fast you are up and running.

This is just a glimpse of some of top ways to make pool ownership easier.  Call us today to find out more tips!

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